Adidas Size Guide

Adidas shoe size guide

This Adidas Size Charts page will help you out in finding your Adidas Shoe Size in Inches, or your Adidas Shoe Size in centimeters. Easy to use size charts between Adidas US sizes, Adidas European sizes, or Adidas UK sizes.

How to measure

  • Step on а piece of paper with your heel slightly touching a wall behind.
  • Мark the end of your longest toe on the paper (you might need a friend to help you) and measure from the wall to the marking.
  • Do the same for the other foot and compare measurements with our size chart to get the right size.

In between sizes

  • For a tight fit, go one size down.
  • For a loose fit, go one size up.

Adidas Yeezy size chart and fitting

Foot LengthYeezy EU SizeYeezy US SizeYeezy UK Size
22.1 cm3643.5
22.5 cm36.54.54
22.9 cm3754.5
23.3 cm385.55
23.8 cm38.565.5
24.2 cm396.56
24.6 cm4076.5
25.0 cm40.57.57
25.5 cm4187.5
25.9 cm428.58
26.3 cm42.598.5
26.7 cm439.59
27.1 cm44109.5
27.6 cm44.510.510
28.0 cm451110.5
28.4 cm4611.511
28.8 cm46.51211.5
29.3 cm4712.512
29.7 cm481312.5
Adidas Yeezy size chart and fitting

Adidas Yeezy Slides size chart and fitting

Yeezy Slide
EU Size
Yeezy Slide
US Size
Yeezy Slide
UK Size
Adidas Yeezy Slides size chart and fitting
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